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    Just noticed that in a couple (could be all) of our automatic customer emails it's putting the customer's email address in the header right under our store's telephone number. It sure looks to me like that should an email address for the store not the customer.

    It's using the variable [email] which is populating it with customer's email address. Anyone know what the variable is for the default store email address?

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    I tried using [store_email] as that would follow the syntax of the other store contact info. I hard coded it for now. I've submitted a ticket. I'll post the response I get from support.


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      The initial response I got from support was to use [store_email] after I had already told them that I had tried that. Told them I had already tried that, again, with some sample code this time. Ultimately the response I got was that the store email address isn't available in these forms. It must be hard coded. Did some more playing around and the store address doesn't appear to be available either. Why have the phone, name, and logo available via variables but not the email or address?

      The default emails are setup to look like letter head with contact info in the header except that it's the customer's email address rather than the stores. That doesn't seem logical to me. Am I the only one?


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        Just hard-code your e-mail and save yourself the hassle.