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promotion manager-applies per item broken?

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  • promotion manager-applies per item broken?

    I'm trying to set up a simple promotion that spans the products of several categories. I have all of that set up fine. However, I need to check the 'applies per item' box, so that the discount applies only when the minimum quantity criteria are met for the products on sale (rather than a minimum quantity of products site-wide).

    however, the 'applies per item' box seems to not stick when the 'is percentage' box is NOT checked.

    is this broken, or by design.

    typical UI guidelines would have the 'checkboxes' be 'radio buttons' if it is an either/or proposition. The fact that they are checkboxes lends me to believe the form is broken.

    i've tried setting up several promotions with different parameters. but, the issues seems to be tied to the 'is percentage' box being checked.

    can anyone duplicate this behavior? or is it only me?

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    just an update. escalated to tech support and they report that the script is working as designed. in other words, the quantity minimum enforced in promotions is cart based, not product/category based.

    so, if you want to require someone to order a minimum quantity of a product line before receiving a discount on products of that product line only you're out of luck.