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Pricing Import Woes

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  • Pricing Import Woes

    When manufacturers roll out new pricing on items it's often necessary to do a bulk update instead of going item-by-item. This should be possible using the Products Pricing Import.

    However, the sample file generates a field called "productid" which is, from what I can tell on this page, a deprecated CSV heading. I tried a couple of sample imports and they did not yield any changes.

    Moreover, the sample file requires a "catalogid" -- this is a number assigned to the products based on the order they were added to your store. I don't know about anyone else, but when manufacturers give me price sheets, they don't keep track of what item # it is on my website. And thus a function that should make bulk price updating easy... is essentially the same as doing it item-by-item.

    Am I overlooking an obvious solution?
    Webmaster: Texas Media Systems

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    More Confusing Still

    Now I'm even more confused. I generated a Products Pricing Export and received an incomplete file. For example, it starts at catalogid 455 and jumps to 467, then 469, then 2469!

    Also, though the productid matches the id, the price column does not! Catalog id 455, for instance, is $2K+ more in the generated report than the on the actual item page!

    So confused!
    Webmaster: Texas Media Systems


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      All you need is id and price. two columns only. the id is your SKU.

      don't complicate it.