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Stone Edge users, HELP!

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  • Stone Edge users, HELP!

    Through our own stupidity, we actually took our new store live earlier than expected. The only step left was to import our products into our SEOM--it has worked flawlessly for us with our old Monster cart so we weren't anticipating any issues. Problem is, we can't get anything to import! I'm now noticing that the url listed for Stone Edge in the 3D admin section doesn't work. Anyone else have that problem??? We were on the phone with both 3D and SE all day yesterday, and no one can resolve the problem. We're really in a mess, so if anyone has any suggestions we'd GREATLY appreciate them!

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    Fixed--thank you 3D!!!

    Turns out my products have so many options that it was causing the system to back up and time out. Changed the settings to import just 1 product at a time and it worked beautifully.

    I can't say enough about the support offered by Jimmy in tech support--he responded so quickly and so thoroughly. That kind of support really is rare these days, and you ar MUCH appreciated!