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  • Order Ship to Address changes Customer Account

    Please help if you can - this is a show stopper for me.

    FYI - right now I do NOT have the multiple ship to option turned on.

    Here's what's happening:

    1.) Customer Jane Doe is a registered customer and she logs into her account and purchases a bracelet.

    2.) The bracelet is for a friend and she wants it shipped directly to her friend.

    3.) During the checkout process she changes the ship to address to Sally Jones and new address info.

    4.) She completes her purchase.

    5. Now her account says "WELCOME SALLY JONES!!!" :eek: A simple request to have a specific order sent to a different address has resulted in her personal account preferences being changed.

    I have a LOT of gift purchases and this is really not a good thing.

    I have submitted a support ticket but am told this is a feature not a bug and is the intended funcitionality.

    Please let me know how you are handling this on your sites.

    If I can't get this to work I doubt I will be able to use 3DCart and I have spent dozens and dozens of hours setting up my cart and I really like it.

    Thank you for any input
    You can email me at [email protected]

    thank you
    Carla Ekman
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    This would be very bad for me as well...many of my customers send the product to someone else. If this gets rectified via your support ticket, I'd apprecaite a follow up post/private message so I know what happens or happened. Thanks.


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      Inviting Ways - have you tested this in your cart - does it work the same for you?
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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        I have not tested it yet...I'll do so this weekend and let you know the outcome.


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          I would still appreciate input on this!!!

          OK - My first response from support was that the events I was seeing was as programmed not a bug.

          The second response was that it would work correctly if the account had already been set up. For example on the second order.

          So - I retested with new account. I completely created the account first, placed an order (while signed into the new account), changed the ship to address and checked out with payment of personal check.

          This worked correctly.

          However that's what I THOUGHT I did the first time. Thinking back - I may have logged in as the user, purchased, then went to PAYPAL, then it returned to my cart and it changed my ship to address in my customer account when I changed it on the checkout screen.

          Has anyone else done some good testing with ship to addresses and customer accounts?

          Thank you
          C Ekman
          Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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            Out of curiosity, why don't you just use the address book feature as it would allow customers to ship gifts to other recipients and definitely leave their user info intact? It seem this is exactly what it is designed for.


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              mueller - thank you for your post! The only reason I haven't turned it on yet is because I'm trying to make the change for my customers as seamless as possible. I have had a web site that I wrote myself over the last 4 years (all in Frontpage with Mals-e shopping cart). It works fine and has served me well - but it was time to move to something more full-featured.

              I have over 3000 customers that will follow me to my new store and I want to make it a comfortable move and then add some changes once I know things are working well.

              But I see your point. I'll turn it on and test it to see how it works. I'm sure there are times when my customers would like it.

              Thanks for the input
              C Ekman
              Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                I haven't used it yet and may disable it for our new site since we most likely don't need the option with what we sell. In some preliminary testing it seems like it is well thought out, but I haven't done extensive testing to take different orders sent to addresses in the address book to see how it effects the workflow.

                I would like to hear your thoughts if you go live with it.


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                  We have the address book feature enabled and are surprised how often our customers take advantage of it - especially during this past holiday buying season! ...another great 3dcart feature, as far as we're concerned!


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                    Okay...I didn't even know there was an address book feature. :) Is this something different than the multiple-ship feature? From the above posts, it sounds like it is. Can someone please tell me where to find this feature? This would be a great discovery for us for our existing site.


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                      Okay...I didn't even know there was an address book feature. Is this something different than the multiple-ship feature? From the above posts, it sounds like it is. Can someone please tell me where to find this feature? This would be a great discovery for us for our existing site.
                      I have a feeling that if you don't see it and your site has been live on 3DC for a while you would have to get the code added to your active template to get it to show up. This is based on the fact that I opened a support ticket to find out where in the admin to turn it off and there isn't one. The only place where this appears is on the My Account page.

                      You may want to take a look at a default template you are not using and see if you see some of the code there. If not here is what I grabbed quickly from mine. <disclaimer>No guarantee it will work if pasted into your template</disclaimer>:

                              <td class="checkout-headers" colspan="2">My Address Book <img src="assets/templates/common/images/edit.gif" border="0" /> </td>
                       <tr><td colspan="2">
                       <table width="80%" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" class="alternative" border="0">
                                          <td class="titles2">Alias</td>
                                          <td width="76%"  class="titles2">Details</td>
                                     <!--START: address_book-->
                                        <tr class="alternative">
                                          <td  valign="top" class="item">[address_alias]</td>
                                          <td class="item">[shipping_address]
                                            [shipping_city], [shipping_state]</td>
                                        <!--END: address_book-->  
                                          <td colspan="4" align="right"><input name="button222" type="button" class="btn" onclick="window.location='myaccount.asp?action=addresses';" value="Add/Edit"  onMouseOver="this.className='btn_over'" onMouseOut="this.className='btn'" />


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                        Just a quick note that I went ahead and turned this feature on and so far really like it. I added some text to the box to make it clear to the customer how and when to use it and I added a lot more text to the info box to try to explain it to them. I wanted regular customers to know that they can just leave the box blank if they don't need the feature for an order. I think I will actually like the feature a lot if it works correctly. It has so far during my limited tests.
                        C Ekman
                        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                          I am struggling to understand how this feature works as well. Not so much for me but the last thing I want is for my customers to encounter this feature that they don't understand.

                          cekman, I would be interested in the messages that you added to explain this feature to your customers.

                          Another thing that's confusing is that the user's account shipping and billing addresses are listed in the Address Book drop-down as well. Only they are listed as Address and Address1, instead of Billing and Shipping. More confusion for the customer. Does anyone have any advise on this?