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Paypal changing billing address when returning to our site

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  • Paypal changing billing address when returning to our site

    I am curious if anyone else here has this issue and if there is a solution.

    I offer dropshipping services to my customers. When they pay using Paypal, they are entering their customers shipping address in at Paypal. When they return to my site, their billing address is being changed to the shipping address entered at Paypal. They do not notice until they get the order confirmation.

    If they do not use the customers shipping address, but instead use their own, their address is transferred to the shipping address and often times, they will not notice and we end up shipping product to them that was meant for their customer. This of course causes serious issues.

    Is there any type of solution to this issue? Maybe a setting within the admin panel or at Paypal? Something to not change the input address when returning to the website after Paypal?

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    This is a constant irritant, and I have not found a solution for it yet.
    It causes problems with Gift orders, as the recipients name and address appear as the Billing address. has a FREE drop bar (welcome bar), that I use on the Checkout2 page, and I am sure it would work on the one page checkout. You can have this bar appear after the customer comes back from PayPal. Just set the referrer as PayPal and include a message to check the billing and shipping addresses.
    "name": "paypal",
    "match": {
    "referrer": "paypal"