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How to edit Terms and Conditions?

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  • How to edit Terms and Conditions?


    Dumb question here. . . there are Terms and Conditions on my store. I think they're default values, and I would like to edit them. But when I go to Settings > Design > Site Content > Extra Pages, the Page Content field for the Terms and Conditions is blank.

    This is what my Terms page looks like

    And this is what my Site Content looks like

    What manner of trickery is generating these Terms??
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    On the post content Terms and Conditions page just click "Database Feed" and it gives you the ability to edit each item.
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      A-ha, my eyes skipped right over that. Thank you for pointing it out.


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        On a related note, is there a way to have an extra page (like the terms and conditions page) use a database feed and have a listing of all the feeds at the top of the page (linking to a bookmark for the specific feed)? For example, on a terms page, at the top, have a listing of Privacy, Returns Policy, Shipping Rates, International Orders, etc. and each of those link to the specific place on the page that shows that information?

        I find that our terms page is pretty long and asking a customer to read through everything (while it would certainly be wise of them) just to find the section on our returns policy is a little too much (and people seem to miss what they are looking for).