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  • Daily Deals and Product Discounts

    I use the daily deal but also offer bulk discounts on all my items. Example: a $10 item might be $7 each if you order 12+. My DD price might be $6.50 but if they order 12, they get them at $3.50. Below my cost of course.

    Is there any way to turn off an items discounts if the item is on sale/daily deal? Right now, I manually delete the discounts then have to add them back when the deal expires.

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    Do you use the promotion manager, or do you use quantity pricing options under the product listing's 'advanced' tab?
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      I use quantity pricing under Advanced however, I spoke to support and they said the only way is to duplicate all the items I want to rotate through the daily deal (about 400), then go through and remove the discounts from each product as well as "home page special", select non-searchable if needed (it would be needed) on each item and use the new, cloned item as the daily deal. This brings up inventory concerns, having to remember to remove inventory on cloned items when an item is out of stock. More of an annoyance than a concern, I suppose. I think I can do most/all of that using CSV files.

      Would be nice though to check a box somewhere to ignore quantity discounts on "sale" items.