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Promotions Manager Exports Question (and comment on new forum design)

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  • Promotions Manager Exports Question (and comment on new forum design)

    Before my actual post... gotta say UGH. I'm not a fan of the new design of this forum. Don't like the google-esque drive toward minimalism, reduction or elimination of visual cues, increasing the number of clicks to see vital info, and reducing the amount of info presented on one screen. Am I missing the place where I can tell the system that I'd like to see more than a handful of posts at a time without having to click "next" to page through, over and over? Old forum allowed me to see dozens of posts on one screen that I could quickly scroll through to look for things that interested me. Now, I have to click, click, click. Nope. I appreciate that 3dcart is trying to improve things, but the forum wasn't broken and didn't need improvement in my opinion (except maybe allowing a bit more space for more private messages). There are plenty of other things that need(ed) improvement before the forum did.

    Anyway... 2015-03-06_1305_3dPromoExport.png

    Please see the attached photo (private data was redacted). When looking at a promotion in the promotion manager, the number of uses of that promo is shown as a clickable link. That opens a window showing the list of sales that used that promo. This is great. At the top of that window is an EXPORT button. This implies, at least to me, that clicking that button will export the orders shown on that screen (so I can analyze information about the sales associated with that promo, etc).

    However, as you can see from the 3rd screen in the attached photo, that's not what happens. You're taken just to the regular ORDERS EXPORT window where you are presented with the same order export possibilities as you would be if you got here through the normal menu route. This is not helpful since now I basically have to export everything from the time frame of the promo and then do machinations in Excel to whittle the list down to just the sales associated with that promo. While I know how to do that, and I know it's not difficult, if the system can present me with the list of only those sales associated with the promo, why can't it just give me the related data in a simple export right from there?


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    OK, well my photo upload didn't work either, did it?


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      That photo is 1911x888px so not sure what's going on. No matter what size I choose during the upload process, from Thumbnail through 4 others up to "Full Size", it still only will show that little tiny icon.

      I've tried using the "share photo" option as well. (Both were used on the initial post.) 2015-03-06_1305_3dPromoExport.png This time, used the "upload attachments" option and chose "full size". That's it to the left of this sentence.



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        Well I'm with you on hating the new forums and there is not the activity here that there used to be and that's disappointing because I learned SO much from the forums and there just aren't alot of posts, but when you come here you can sure waste alot of time looking to see if there's any new good posts. The recent activity button kinda bites. Anymore I look on the left side and if the icon is blue, I see what the post was. One to two posts a day about average on the new forum. Sad

        Lemme see if I can put a photo up and see if I can help on this one.....640x480 off my pc, I'm not going to choose any size, let's see what happens (please bear in mind this photo has nothing to do with the subject matter, it's just a test)
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        Last edited by Toobusy; 03-06-2015, 03:52 PM. Reason: photo looks ok by not chooseing a size, maybe it decides for you? Try uploading without choosing full size, etc?


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          There is no reason that the switch to vBulletin has to be presented the way 3dcart has chosen. They have effectively killed the use of the forum. Look at the utter lack of posts now being made on the forum. Someone needs to get a clue!


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            Originally posted by hoosierdraft View Post
            There is no reason that the switch to vBulletin has to be presented the way 3dcart has chosen. They have effectively killed the use of the forum. Look at the utter lack of posts now being made on the forum. Someone needs to get a clue!
            Or, that was the point all along?


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              I hate it as well. I posted something new today and I can not even access it.


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                I'm wondering if anyone can even find the new forums. I had to go to support to find them because my bookmarks quit working and it looked like they were just gone. I suggested they make a post on the seller dashboard to let everyone know the forums were new and post the link like they did about the new support procedures. Never happened and no one is ever, I learned alot here and there are fewer and fewer posts and when you do go them, like yours ForcedFabric, you get an invalid url message :-(


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                  Hi all!

                  ForcedFabllc, I found the cause of the problem with your posting from yesterday (RE: 301 Redirects coming from bigcommerce to 3dcart where to start.). I fixed it and now your post is available for viewing. Really sorry you ran into that issue, but it shouldn't cause any more problems.

                  As for the update of the forum software, I'm afraid it was a necessary step due to several security concerns which were no longer being researched or fixed by vBulletin. This is because that version (3.x), was no longer being supported. Therefore, we had to upgrade to their latest version. The forum as you see it now is basically using the default "out of the box" settings intended by vBulletin, so if something is not working or is "unusable" definitely let us know and we'll try to correct them.

                  Anyway, to make reporting these issues easier to manage and track, I've gone ahead and I've created a new forum for users to let us know of problems they've run into. We've fixed quite a few of the problems previously reported in other threads, but having them all over the place in different areas like this ain't really workin' too well. ;) If you wouldn't mind using that new thread, I'd really appreciate it!

                  In the mean time, I'll look into the photo upload problem and bookmark issues reported in this thread and try to address them too.