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Make Products Searchable, but not on the Category List

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  • Make Products Searchable, but not on the Category List

    I sell widgets that are unique (used) items, but I only usually have one of them at a time. So for example I may have widget X today and its sold tomorrow. Next week I may have a different widget X.

    Right now when I am out of stock of widget X, I mark the product as "hidden" and "out of stock" so it does not clutter my categories. However what I really want is for it to be searchable, so that I don't lose the visiblity in Google when it crawls my website, which gives it an advantage when I have more stock of it again.

    Ideally, I want it just not to show up when my customers click on my categories, but are still visible when a search is done. Anyone do this before? Thanks in advance!

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    We do this by editing the category template and hiding the Category Special section. Then if you mark the item "Category Special", then it will not show up on the category page.

    The item will still show in the Shop by Price, and in the Manufacturer pages.