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GoDataFeed - Run-on Sentences in Descriptions from 3dcart?

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  • GoDataFeed - Run-on Sentences in Descriptions from 3dcart?

    We've noticed that paragraph breaks, line breaks, lists, etc in our 3dcart product descriptions translate into our Godatafeed as run-on sentences. I wouldn't expect the actual breaks to persist into the feed file, but I guess I expected the system to be smart enough to insert a space wherever breaks occur so that a bulleted list for instance doesn't go into the feed as one giant run-on sentence with no punctuation and no spacing between "bullets".

    For example, a properly formatted HTML list that would look like this in our 3dcart store:

    12 units per case
    Each case sealed for safety
    All materials recyclable

    Looks like this in our feed (note the lack of spacing between words at end and start of points):

    12 units per caseEach case sealed for safetyAll materials recyclable

    Godatafeed says it's not their fault and they're working with what 3dcart is giving them. I'm not so sure who's responsible.

    Any one else experience this and if so, do you have an Rx for a fix?


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    If you're using your extended_description for the description field in GoDataFeed, this is what's causing the issue. Recommend using 1-2 sentence summary of the product in the description field and map to that. They're going to strip out any HTML, since the shopping feeds don't support it.
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      Thanks for replying. I hear what you're saying about HTML in the feed - and to be clear, we're not trying to get HTML into the feed. Yes, we are using the extended_description field, because we have such short descriptions in the short description field that we think we'd be better served by feeding out our extended_description, but it seems that all of the HTML in the feed has been stripped out anyway (appropriately) so if they can do that and have it look fine, not sure why they can't get this piece of it right?

      Oh, and it has to be said... what's with the "Short Description" in the back end being called "description" in the export and "Description" being "extended_description" and so on. Ugh.