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Image Caption in CSV file?

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  • Image Caption in CSV file?

    Hi all,

    Okay, I have been on 3dcart for over 2 years now and and just learning how to use the import product feature. I got so frustrated adding 60-80 items individually, I thought...there has to be an easier way! And there is. I just bulk imported 13 items...had some bugs, but I think I have it worked out...except my picture sizes are larger...but bigger is better than smaller, right? there a way to add Image Captions while using the CSV file. I don't see a heading for it.

    Material Pleasures

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    Yes, there is a way to do this. I'm not sure if this is the easiest way (since I tend to do things the hard way sometimes), but I'd do a custom export of the these fields (i.e. CatID, ID, Name, Image1, ImageCaption1, Image2, ImageCaption2, etc.) Then I'd add all my image captions in my spreadsheet and finally use the Product Import to get the data into the system.

    *note - not all the fields I'd choose to export are required to do the import, I'm just stating what fields I'd used)


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      Thanks for your prompt answer!
      You would do this creating a new spreadsheet...or can you tack on the new fields in the import spreadsheet 3dcart provides?

      Thanks again,