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How to Make Blog Author Open in a Separate Window

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  • How to Make Blog Author Open in a Separate Window

    One thing that I always advocate is that you should never take somebody away from your money site in the same window - especially to a social network where people may get lost discussing things with their friends and never return. By default, the authorship information that you associate with your Google+ profile on your blog opens in the same window as your website, taking people away from your site. That can be fixed. Here's how:

    When you enter your Google+ authorship URL - whether it is in the blog's main settings or on individual posts - simply add a space and "target=_blank" to the end of the URL. If my authorship URL was, to make it open in a separate window, I would enter "target=_blank"

    Yes, I realize that is a little bit different than the way you enter target="_blank" when writing in HTML, but in this case, you are not really writing in HTML and it works!
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