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Several issues - went live and need help: e-mail set up and auto loging for chat

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  • Several issues - went live and need help: e-mail set up and auto loging for chat

    Hi: Went live yesterday (redirected from a previous server) and can NOT log in to e-mail to set up my e-mail. Also, what is up with the auto login for chat and other things? I set up auto login for live chat and now cannot log in to that. A couple of other things too but those are the most important right now. Have searched but didn't see anything. Will look further in the meantime waiting for responses. Thanks!
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    Support should be able to help you with these things - definitely go put in a ticket. What do you mean by auto login?
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      Just wanted to share how my issue was resolved. I did submit a ticket. I usually don't go that route first, I try to figure it out on my own through the knowledge base and forums. But in this case it ended up not being possible. The info I was e-mailed in my welcome/thank you e-mail was incorrect. The URL where to go to login was incorrect. The info tech initially gave me was incorrect. It turned out my e-mail login was not as I think most sites are and where the link in Store Manager takes me to, but mail2... so I have to put the "2" in before my login will work. So tech def had to help me and it wasn't something I could figure out on my own or with help from my fellow 3dcarters. I'm not sure why it is set up like that, but as long as I can get to my e-mail, I'm good.