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  • Saved Credit Cards

    I was very happy to see 3dcart added support for reference tranactions from PayFlow Pro. However, it seems to automatically save the credit card information to the customer account when an order is placed. On my other cart that I am looking to migrate away from, there is a check box that says, "Keep my payment method on file for easy checkout on future orders." It gives the customer the capability to opt out of saving their credit card info. I could see customers being upset that their card info was saved without their knowledge. Has anybody had any issues with this?

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    We have been using reference transactions on stripe for a few years. It's a cool feature, and very useful. However it has always bothered me that 3dcart does not give the the user an option to save the card data, it just does it. No one has complained ever, but we sell tea, and tea drinkers are nice people! Also we have relatively low volume, maybe 10 orders a day on average. The more customers you have, the more likely there is for someone to complain.

    Three options:
    1) tell them that when they check out the card info will be saved, and that they can manage their card data on their account page.

    2) set up two PayPal flow online payment options. One with that option enabled, one without. Naming them accordingly will allow the customer to pick witch one they want to us.

    3) allow someone to "opt out" with a checkout question. If they opt out delete their card info in their account for them. This solution would only work if not many people do it, or if your volume is low.


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      I agree. We utilize this feature and it very helpful, however I have always been uncomfortable with the fact that the customer did not have a choice.
      We have never had any complaints either, it is just that this feature as implemented goes against industry standards.

      It could also present security issues, if the customer does not know that their card was saved.


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        I also discovered that the saved credit card is not showing up under phone orders. Is this just with PayFlow Pro or is it a problem with all gateways?