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What is Go Daddy doing to my site???

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  • What is Go Daddy doing to my site???

    I have found 3 IP addresses that are constantly hitting my website since last Wednesday and they have amassed over 30 GB of "traffic" since then. I checked the addresses and they belong to Go Daddy. I blocked them and will keep an eye on them but any one know why suddenly Go Daddy would begin hitting my site hundreds of thousands of times a day? The main page they are hitting is /product_index.asp

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    Is your domain registered through GoDaddy? If so, do you have any additional GoDaddy services that you pay for?
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      It is registered through them, but there is nothing else. It just started last week and they put me over by over 30GB. I blocked the IP's but have no idea why they would be hitting it like that. Back to normal now and Im watching it daily.