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  • Email not working

    I switched templates about 7 days ago. Customers are not receiving emails. Tech Support says it works fine for them. But, when I place an order and put down my personal email, the Order Received email is not delivered. I had an email today from a customer who suggested we were scammers. I used the Email to customer on the order and she did not receive it. I forwarded the order to myself (on my order) and I didn't receive it. I asked tech support to use a personal email and they said it works fine. I think not. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to escalate a ticket?

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    Sometimes they're delayed several hours to over 48 hours has been my experience.` I've mentioned it before and was told it works fine also. I just go to my .com email addy and mail a confirmation of the order myself anymore. I know it's more work, but I'm sure they get it then. Post if you get any resolve on this. I had to call support last week because the emails didn't seem to be being read accurately, points were being missed that I was attempting to make and the phone call to support was better received, but that's duplicating efforts also. I know I was #5 in line so I'm thinking I wasnt alone in my need for support. I think they're doing the best they can right now, and I know that doesn't help when you're having issues.


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      Thank you for your response. I placed the ticked on 4/24 but it was fixed sometime last night after midnight CT. They worked diligently to fix it. I'm still not certain how they did it and I don't want it repeated. I think that they thought it fixed was because they were testing within the 3dcart system which replicates a successful process (because the email came to me just fine.) I suggested that trying it from Starbucks might actually replicate the problem. But, I'm not expert. I hope that they keep a list of these. They were working on the same problem and I wish they would have checked the solution to your problem. But, they are exceptional in their support and I appreciate it.


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        Just tried sending an email to myself in smarter mail, its not working...


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          All is good now!