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SEO friendly URLs in 3dcart.

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  • SEO friendly URLs in 3dcart.

    is there any way to set up 3dcart so that it will produce SEO friendly URLS and not include the number jumble at the end? I am looking for a global setting, I really do not want to do this every single time I create a product or do something else. its 2015 it should be automatic....

    3dcart way :

    minus the crap at the end:

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    I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but if you go to a product in your store front and go to the "Meta Tags" tab, there is a field for "Custom File Name".

    In your case, for that product, you would put whatever you want in that field, formatted like this:


    Of course, you can put whatever you want in that field like:


    Then you'll have to go into the Marketing --> SEO Tools section of your storefront and select the "Custom File Names".

    ***3D Cart suggests reading an article in their Support Center about doing Custom File Names, and since I'm not good at this kind of stuff, it's probably wise to do so before doing anything.***

    Once you do that, clear cache, and go back to that item, it should show without the _p_8755 part of the URL.

    I'm not 100% sure (maybe someone can verify?), but if you decide to do this, you MAY want to put those old URLs with the crap at the end as 301 Redirects, as I'm not sure if it will automatically redirect (or if it would index 2 URLs for the same item - one with the crap at the end, and the new file name URL without the crap at the end). Again, I'm not sure about that...

    Hope that helps somewhat.



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      That is what i was reading up on as well. I just wish it would do this automatically. In big commerce it did the URL automatically. IT also did a automatic 301 redirect any time you changed the URL so you would not have to go and keep track of setting up all the 301s we have nearly 4K products, each one would have to be renamed, and that is not something I have the time or patience to do and then setup 4K 301 redirects. Id rather shoot my self.


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        IT also did a automatic 301 redirect any time you changed the URL
        I love that idea, and it would be a great feature to have. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, 3D Cart does NOT have that feature. So, you're left to either shoot yourself or take the time to do it...unless anyone else here has any ideas.