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    Can anyone explain the proper use of the Pricing Levels under the Product>Advanced tab?

    I actually do not want different pricing levels for our products. I want to use these data fields to store additional product specs, but I don't want these numbers showing up in unwanted places. I just want to store some values in these fields that I can draw on in my product template. Does checking the 'Hide on this Level' box disable the function of the pricing levels?

    P.S. I know that we are getting more extra data fields in the future, but I need more than the 10 that we are getting.

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    You dont want to use those fields to store info....(They are only numeric fields)

    There is 10 fields of data, but i need to make them show on your admin, I will take care of this for you today. You will find them under the general item info where the description is.

    You can also use the other fields available:

    Extended description

    That gives you 14 fields to store info.

    Then you can use the features to display more information. I would put in all specs in the features section. And only worry about using the fields1-10 for data that is going to be needed in the custom search we are developing. Ie. Tire size
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      Here's what I am trying to do. Take a look at the product page layout I have been working on:

      Notice the specification table under the Email a friend and Product Review links. I am trying to show 10 different product specs in addition to everything else we have discussed. We can't use the keyword field to populate the table, because we won't be able to draw the individual elements from it. The Description and Extended Description fields are already in use. Extra field 1 is being used for our MC url redirects and extra fields 2-4 are being used for the advanced search that you are working on for us. We are drawing the tire weight directly from the weight field, so we need a total of nine extra fields to fill our table. We'll have a total of 6 available to us once we have been upgraded.

      My thought in using the pricing level fields was that since some of our product specs are inherently 2 place decimals (i.e. Tire Diameter (in.)), that we could get away with using the pricing level fields as long as we could simply store data here without it affecting any of our pricing.

      BTW - Don't stress about making these fields accessible to us thru the admin panel. There's so much data to enter that we'll enter it thru csv upload.
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