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Paid Orders Showing up as "Not Completed"???

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  • Paid Orders Showing up as "Not Completed"???

    Sporadically some of my orders are showing up as "Not Completed" although payment is being recorded. I am suspecting that it has something to do with Paypal Payments Standard is not handing back control to my website's confirmation page. As you know, Paypal Payment Standard makes payments happen on Paypal's site, then hands control back to my ecommerce site. Does the buyer have to physically click on a link to get back to my website? If the buyer closes the browser window right after paying, is that what is causing the "not completed" order?

    Also, I'm trying to complete these orders via a "manual" payment (not really manual, just that 3dcard did not recognize the payment occured), but I cant get from "not completed" to "new"

    Any help would be appreciated!