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How to enter credit card info for an un-completed order?

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  • How to enter credit card info for an un-completed order?

    After wasting 20 minutes explaining and re-explaining my question to 3dc "tech support", I got frustrated and decided to ask my question here... I THINK this is a drop-dead simple problem, but I'm new to 3dc and can't quite figure it out.

    My customer created and account, entered an order, and did not check out. Now he has called me with his credit card info. I would now like to manually enter the credit card info to complete the payment for his order. I find lots of online docs for setting up payments, but nothing seems to tell me how to enter credit card info for an incomplete order.

    I have also found "Add custom transaction section on the pending order page, but from what I can tell, entering a $ value here simply subtracts that value from the total amount due.

    Can someone give me some insight into how to complete this order?


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    This is easy to do. Go to Order > Not Completed, find the customer's order, and click to view it. Next click "Complete" in the upper right. This will dump the incomplete order into the phone order interface where you can add more items, select a shipping method, and take payment.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      Thanks, but I was mistaken. I allowed customers to complete his order by using a Purchase Order. Now he has phoned in a credit card to pay for the order. As far as I can see, the only way to handle this is to cancel the original order and create a new one. Unfortunately, I have increased prices since the original order was placed. I guess I can just add a discount to allow the new order to match his original purchase amount.

      Thanks for the feedback.