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  • Dynamic Price Changes

    When an option that has an increase in price is added, some prices do not change.

    Product prices (drop down):
    Size Small
    "Your price": $170, "Retail price": $201. "YOUR SAVINGS": $31.00
    Size Medium (+$30):
    "Your price": $200, "Retail Price" $201". "YOUR SAVINGS": $31.00 (It appears that they saved $1 which is not correct).

    TEXT LINES: Product prices (text lines)
    Line 1:
    "Your price": $170, "Retail price": $201.
    Line 2 (+$20):
    "Your price": $170, "Retail Price" $201". (The price does not increase)

    The price displays correctly in the Cart.

    Is anyone seeing this?
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    I wrote a javascript to update the price when an option is selected or when you increase the quantity box...

    Check out this product:

    If thats what you want to do, then I can post the Javascript for you.


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      That's nice NMTEACO


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        NMTEACO: I wanted to also have the "Your Savings" adjusted. Did you remove the "Your Savings" feature?

        I placed a ticket with 3D Support. Here is their reply: "The "Your Savings" displayed on the product page is based on the retail price and the price you have opted to sell the item for on your store. These prices are specified in the information tab of the product in the Online Store Manager. If you like, you may increase the retail price or remove it from the product settings. You can also contact our sales department for possible customization."
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          I dont use sales that much... so it has never been an issue. This product is on sale:

          However, the savings does not adjust. It would be relatively easy I think to code something that does adjust, I just have not had a need for it.


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            Davef - none of the prices on my site change at all. This is unacceptable. Customers don't like surprises or doing math.

            NMTEACO - your site is awesome. Very nice design. I would love for you to share that java code for the dynamic price changes. This is something that should be included in 3DC.


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              I just realized something. 3DC already incorporates dynamic price changes into its code. But some templates appear to be missing this code. Unfortunately, the template I have chosen apparently is missing the code that causes prices to change dynamically. That would be template V40001-html5. The non-responsive version works fine, but I want a responsive template. I have now tried over 10 other templates both responsive and regular and all work fine.

              Now I am burdened with trying to figure out which code is missing or needs to be modified. I will try shooting support a message first before I waste all that time. In the meantime, if anyone has any help, would greatly appreciate it.
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                going on 3 days soon since I placed a ticket on this matter and not even so much as a peep from support. This does not bode well for a customer who isn't close to going live yet and can switch to another cart of need be. I don't want to do that, but so far my experience with 3DC has been mediocre at best. Not trying to be a rabble-rouser jsut stating what is on my mind as a customer.


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                  I ended up closing my ticket as I found my problem. In an attempt to be able to display both YOUR PRICE and SALE PRICE at the same time (something 3DC code does not allow by default) I broke the dynamic price change function. I had to revert back to the old code, now I am back to square one with not being able to show both YOUR PRICE and SALE PRICE at the same time when an item is on sale, short of just using the LIST PRICE field as my YOUR PRICE field instead.


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                    Did you give the id "price" to your price HTML?

                    HTML Code:
                    <!--START: pricing-->
                    <!--START: SAVINGS-->
                    <!--END: SAVINGS-->
                    <!--START: ITEMPRICE-->
                    <span class="ow-price" itemprop="price" id="price">[price]</span>
                    <!--END: ITEMPRICE-->
                    <!--START: SALEPRICE-->
                    <span class="ow-price"><del>[price]</del></span><br>
                    <span class="ow-label">On Sale:</span>
                    <span class="ow-price" itemprop="price" id="price">[saleprice]</span>
                    <!--END: SALEPRICE-->
                    <!--END: pricing-->

                    This won't make the savings change. Sorry. It will only make sure the prices increase when you select an option.
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