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Your Price and Sale Price display together

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  • Your Price and Sale Price display together

    By default, a listings page will only show Your Price or Sale Price, not both. I want to make a code change so that both Your Price and Sale Price co-exist together (and preferably Your Price being struck through, but not necessary). Therefore, if an item is on sale I want the pricing block to show...

    List price (struck through)
    Your price (struck through or not)
    Sale Price
    Has anyone been successful at achieving this?

    I understand that a really simple workaround would be to use the list price field for "your price" but I don't want to do that as I need all 3 prices to show on the listing page.

    Thanks in advance

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    If I understand your question properly, adding
    HTML Code:
    between "<!--START: SALEPRICE-->" and "<!--END: SALEPRICE-->" in your template should do the trick. Make sure you leave [saleprice] in there, too, or it will just show the regular price.


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      Yes, that works! Unfortunately, it is not fully functional. What I mean is that if a certain product has options that increase (or decrease) the base price of an item, the "Your Price" price does not dynamically change along with the "sale price" when those options are selected.
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        I don't know if that is meant to change. You may need some custom JavaScript to change both values.