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Clicking on options changes product image

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  • Clicking on options changes product image


    Is it possible to set up your 3dCart site where the main product image changes when you click on certain images. An example being if a product has different colors and you click on a specific color, the product image would change? I don't mean some kind of color overlay but if we have images for the different colors, this would cause the product image that's displayed to switch to the one that corresponds with that option the user clicks on. Thanks!

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    Maybe this will help:


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      Sorry, I should have pointed out that we tried doing that and it wasn't what the client wanted. They want the entire product image you're viewing to change based on which option you choose.


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        I could be wrong, but I thought I read in another thread that this is not possible with 3DC. Don't quote me on that, though.


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          I think it is possible, not sure how. See this 3dcart merchant's page:


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            Ah. I believe that is possible via javascript. You'd have to program it where when someone hovers over the color option, it changes the src attribute of the main image. You'd use the DOM I believe. I just wanted to see if someone had an easy way. Thank you for the example showing it is possible. I'll have to look into it later today and see if I can do it myself. I'll update you all here in case any of you (or future people) need to do this also.