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  • Make an offer feature.

    Does any one currently use this feature? Also is there a way to enable it in bulk rather then having to goto the advance tab on every single product one at a time? Tech support is telling me there is no way to access this via import export. Any ideas? With a lot of our products having pretty good margins , and good competition with MAP pricing this may be something we can use to close a few more sales a month.

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    You're right. This does sound like a good way to more MAP product...and without violating MAP (possibly). Good thinking!

    Perhaps you need to just do a few every day. You don't have to do them all at once, do you? Or, you could pay someone to do it for you.


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      we have around 3700 products. I would think that we can use this on nearly half. I have attention problems lol. doing even 30 a day i would veer off on to other things haha. I am going to try while i am building products tonight.


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        Well, you may want to contact one of the 3rd party 3DCart service providers here on the forum to see if they will do it. Or, to save a bundle, you might be able to find a high school student whom you can show what do to and they can do it for you.

        Heck, I could do it for ya. I'm unemployed and homebound right now. Just a suggestions. PM me if interested.

        Might be worth paying for this service if you think it might increase sales. But of course, make sure this does not violate your MAP agreements with your suppliers. Sounds like a great idea to move stuff, just be careful. Some suppliers look for ever reason not to provide support/warranties to your end-users, especially Chinese suppliers.
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