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  • Newsletter subscribe not working

    When I try to subscribe an email to my newsletter from my home page, it does not add the email to the mailing list. When customers checkout and click the checkbox to join mailing list, it does work. Has anyone else tested this and does it work for you on your site? I also opened a test store and it does not work there either.

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    All of our stores are not working as well... Contacted support and they said they will get it fixed in 2-3 weeks.


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      Switch to something like MailChimp (free for < 2000 subscribers), and use their sign-up form (you can embed it on your page in place of the default 3dcart one).

      We found a few years ago the 3dCart form stopped collecting emails once we passed 50,000 signups. So we ditched it for our Email Marketing Service's form instead.


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        we have over 230k subscribers... it worked before June 12... not sure what went wrong after June 12


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          With that many subscribers, you really should switch to a dedicated EMS provider. Email Marketing and Delivery Rates are not 3dCart's primary focus, so you are probably landing in a ton of spam boxes and don't even realize it. We've seen 3dCart servers wind up on Spamhaus block lists multiple times.

          We run a list of over 150k subscribers. It's not exactly cheap to run lists this large, but the benefits are enormous.


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            Originally posted by Volar View Post
            we have over 230k subscribers... it worked before June 12... not sure what went wrong after June 12

            That was the release date for the changes made...small things went wonky for me on that date as well, always does it seems. Thankfully it's never anything enormous where I'd be overwhelmed. After so many tweaks I pretty much know what's going to go amuck and start watching for it.


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              Toobusy Us too. We just discovered a category with 24 pages won't go past 9... when you click "10" or above, or the "Next Page" button, it takes you back to page 1! It's a super sale category so it's a really bummer it's broken right now.

              I haven't gotten a response yet from support, but I'd put money on it will be the standard "it will be fixed in the next update", whenever that is (could be tomorrow, could be a month from now).

              Every software has bugs, and every change can introduce new bugs. But, with so many regressions on every release, it's like there is no internal testing (Unit tests, functionality tests, QC, etc) going on over there.

              From doing software for a long while, it smells like there is a massive amount of legacy stuff as well as sections of poorly done highly coupled code which introduces side effects across unrelated features when things are getting changed.

              Not a good way to do software development.


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                Good OR Bad news...

                Support informed me that the issue is resolved. YES, I tested it and it's working.

                However, my other site is not fixed. I guess they only fixed it for one site.

                I am looking at mailchimp now. LOL!!