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Manage Stock Numbers for Products with Multiple Options

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  • Manage Stock Numbers for Products with Multiple Options

    I am really needy today ugh.

    Ok, so I read through this knowledge base article however I don't think it addresses my issue and I haven't been able to bring up any forum articles that address it either.

    I manufacture clothing and accessories made-to-order with details that can be added at time of order. So for example, I make a bubble, there's the base bubble and then my customers can choose to add things like ruffles, snaps, etc... Right now I have required option "Size" (6 choices) and several optional options. My problem is what happens when I can only make say, one each of each size? But customer can still add additional options. Right now when I go into Options > Advanced I have to put 1 available of each size AND each of those sizes with every possible combination of optional options. And then it shows my stock instead of being 6 it's 18 (or whatever with all the possible additional options available to choose). I need it to show ONE size 3-6M, no matter the other options chosen (or not). Or do I have to make 2 separate options, one for each size? I'm so confused, someone help!

    ETA I went into one listing and added completely separate options - one for each size - and had to make each one "required" because they have to choose NO (default) or YES to pick a size - the problem with that is, they can pick more than one size for the bubble and I'm sure someone is going to do that. Plus that doesn't really help with my problem - I still don't think I can manage stock of each size. Ugh - I'm close to using stronger language lol.
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