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Purchased a SSL cert but my new IP is being blocked by some ISPs! Suggestions?

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  • Purchased a SSL cert but my new IP is being blocked by some ISPs! Suggestions?

    I purchased a SSL cert directly from 3dcart and they installed it fine within 24 hours (they manage the DNS for the domain as well).

    My joy at how smoothly the process had gone however soon disappeared when I received a whatsapp message from the person who will actually be maintaining the site saying that when he tried to access it he is getting a message from his ISP saying that the site is being blocked.

    As this coincides exactly with moving the site to SSL and there is no other reason I'm aware of that his ISP should be blocking it, it seems to me that the IP that the store has been placed on is on an existing blacklist - obviously not good! The people who will be running the site currently cannot access it, nor I imagine a big chunk of the potential market (they are on one of the main ISPs in their location - Singapore).

    Now I thought of a few solutions:
    *) Change to another IP. I've contacted 3dcart and they have said they will not do this, it's my problem and I need to contact the ISP to get the IP address unblocked.
    *) Contact the ISP. I'm based in another country which makes this harder, and in the past my experience of trying to get IPs/domains off blacklists has shown it's easier said than done! Plus with no idea what was on this IP address previously, the IP could be on other blacklists I'm not aware of but which will impact potential customers.
    *) Switch back to the shared IP/SSL cert. Not an option as we think the change of domain when going to the checkout will put too many people off.

    So none of my initial ideas are looking attractive.

    One more thing I've thought of, which I've never done before on any site, is to redirect all traffic (not just media) over a CDN to 'hide' the IP that is causing problems. This seems like it would bypass the blacklist but potentially introduce other problems? I would be interested in hear any experiences of people using a CDN for all 3dcart content rather than just images.


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    It seems to me that if the dedicated SSL is delivering content from a new IP, then 3dcart is at fault for selling you a "lemon" IP. I don't know enough about SSL, but if you're serving content from the same IP that you had before SSL was added, then the responsibility lies on you to get it cleared up.

    What progress have you made with this issue?
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      Hi Clint,
      after signing up for SSL the IP address that the site was hosted on changed.

      One of the reasons given for refusing a change to another IP was that there is no guarantee that the new IP would not be blocked as well - it was not possible to know if that would fix the problem. I can understand the reasoning here.

      Someone else has been in touch with the ISP and has got them to change their categorisation of the site - for some reason the ISP's filtering system had classed it as 'Pornography'?!?
      I cannot say 100% but from what I've heard it appears this was actually linked to the domain name and not the IP address - the fact that it coincided with the change in IP appears to have been a coincidence.

      It is now working fine again in their office, so touch wood the problem is solved!