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  • Search.asp Query Parameters

    I noticed the other day that there are more query parameters on a search.asp request than I was aware of. Namely, I realized that I can provide a category id, which allows me to narrow a search to a single category. So, what are the other parameters for? I couldn't find any documentation about it, so I thought I would poll the 3dc community

    example request:[ ??? ]&catid=424&page=1&sortby=1

    keyword = the actual search query
    catid = an optional category id to narrow the search results
    page = page # within the result set
    sortby = optional parameter to sort the results (I'm guessing integer representations of Price, Name, Reviews, Free Shipping, On Sale???)
    search = ??? it's always empty

    Does anyone know if the search parameter can be used to any benefit? Are there any other useful parameters that can be sent to search.asp?
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