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  • Create An Account After Check Out?

    I did some testing and found my conversion rate was higher when I
    A: Did not require a customer to create an account
    B: My conversion rate was even Higher when I removed the extra click "Check out as Quest"

    At this time I do not have any account creation,

    Has anyone added a create account option after check out? IE on the thank you page?

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    I haven't done this but I don't see any problem in doing so. It's possible that customers may decide to create an account after their purchase and expect it to link up with the order they just made, but that's not possible.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      I have an optional password field at the bottom of checkout step one that allows customers to create an account with the shipping information they've filled out. That way it's not required, but is still there for easy account creation at the time of checkout. If they add a password it automatically logs them into their account after checkout and the order they just placed is there along with the shipping and billing info they entered.
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        Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I highly doubt that any customer that prefers to checkout as guest will ever decide to create an account right after they complete a purchase.

        Likewise, I believe if you force customers who are willing to create and account before checking out to checkout only as guest then allow them to create an account afterwords, that you will lose out on a ton of would-be account creations.

        I guess the bottom line is, if account creation is important to your business model or not. If it is, and losing a little sales by offering the choice at checkout, then you should be offering the choice at checkout rather than forcing a guest purchase then offering the account creation option afterwards.

        But them, I could be all wrong. lol