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Order Email Product Sort Order versus Export Order Product Sort Order

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  • Order Email Product Sort Order versus Export Order Product Sort Order

    This is tough to explain but I will try. It will mainly apply to you if you have orders with lots of products.

    We print order e-mails when they come in. We then have someone who takes the order e-mail and gets the products. They hand the order over to our quality checker. That person checks the order by putting labels on each of the products.

    We use the export order feature to generate the product labels because the export order feature generates on excel and is easy to work with. Here is the problem, the items on the e-mailed order make sense the way they are sorted. They appear to be in the order the customer chose them because we notice grouping of similar items from similar categories. This makes it faster and easier for the person getting the products to find them. The export order items appear to be in some sort of random order. They are not alphabetical or in any other order that makes sense. When our quality checker is doing a small order it is no big deal but when they are checking a large order it takes 2 or 3 times the amount of time because nothing is in the right order.

    Has anyone else experienced this and more importantly know how to fix it?


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    This is from 2015... has there been no consideration or attention given to this? or is this thread continued somewhere else? I have the same issue and it's frustrating how 3dCart refuses to take some issues seriously.