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  • Store Search Vs Quick Search

    What's the difference between Store Search (Module) and Quick Search - I have had the Quick Search enabled, working fine, but just noticed the "Store Search" module, which was not enabled -- I enabled it, but don't see any difference on my site - i.e., nothing other than the Quick Search Box.
    Joe Arbogast

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    Hi Birdsafe

    It sounds like you're using the v7 admin.
    In the old admin, the store search settings used to be in Settings ->General ->Store Settings. They were basically configuration options to hide the search bar form the store, adding category and pages to the search results, minimum length of keywords, and advanced search field.

    The problem with these settings in the old admin were that they were sort of dispersed all over that page (which was already a confusing page to begin with).
    So we made the regular store search functions into a "module" and placed it in the modules section.

    So for the Store Search "module" we have the following settings:
    • Enable Store Search (used to be called "Hide Search")
      If unchecked, the search bar on the store front will be removed. Note that it also works in conjunction with the next two checkboxes:
    • Categories Search
      This makes category pages part of the search results too.
    • Pages Search
      While this checkbox makes blog and site content pages part of the search as well.

    If all three of these checkboxes are unchecked, then the search bar is removed from the store.
    My guess is that you might have had the Categories and/or Pages search checkboxes also enabled when you enabled the Store Search and this is why it didn't seem to do anything.

    In any event, that's what the Store Search "module" is. It's just a relocation of the regular settings from the old admin into a module for easier access.


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      Thanks Henry -- just had me confused when "search" was not enabled in Modules, but yet the search bar was working. I'm good now.
      Joe Arbogast