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  • WYSIWYG default view

    Can I set it up so that when I go to edit, the WYSIWYG is the default Description view, instead of HTML view?

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    Not sure you want to do that because I'm not sure the WYSIWYG editor is destroying pages and code only in the new beta dashboard or all around? Search some of the posts. Heck I won't make any changes right now on my site cause I'm a skeerdy cat because I dont want any issues I can't fix on my own LOL


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      Yes it is the WYSIWYG editor in beta that breaks the pages. No, at this point it cannot be the default view. I submitted this as an issue long long ago in the beta admin test panel. I haven't gone back to it since. Too many problems with it yet when it comes to designing
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        Thanks Shaun. I get that nudge to try the beta admin everytime I log in and I'm steering as far away from that as possible right now.


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          What typically does it break?


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            There have been very lengthy discussions on the issue