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Why does 3dcart make it so difficult to edit the frame file?

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  • Why does 3dcart make it so difficult to edit the frame file?

    I can't understand why we are not able to modify our frame file from the GUI?
    The answer escapes me.
    Why do we pay for a cart we can't modify from the user interface?

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    3dcart's development team is aware and is currently working on the issue of not being able to edit your templates via the New Admin Interface.
    We do expect to have that corrected shortly.

    At this time you can still access all of your templates via FTP and make any edits as needed successfully.

    We will update this post as soon as we confirm that the edits via the New Admin are working properly.

    We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this matter.


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      3dcart will be releasing an update Monday, 8/31/2015 that will correct the problem with editing the html templates via the New Admin.

      Thanks you.


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        Hi all,

        To clarify the issue David is referring to. We were advised of a problem with editing templates from the Online Store Manager's Template editor while using the v7 Admin. [by going to Settings ->Design ->Themes & Styles | Edit Templates (HTML)]

        The developers have identified the issue and are preparing it for release on Monday.
        In the mean time, downloading, editing and re-uploading the templates via FTP is still possible.

        Again, this is specific only to the new v7 Admin.

        If you're using the old admin, template editing is still possible from the OSM.

        Mark Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. If the problem also happens to you when using the old admin interface, please let us know right away.

        Thanks again!


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          Yes, finding the templates and editing is a joke in the new interface. Try this to get to them the easy way. I had a shortcut stored to them and it still works. https://(yourstorename).3dcartstores...ile_editor.asp If you have your own SSL it may be a little different. The end result is a direct shot to templates/common-html5/
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