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Migrating from BigCommerce. Any Tips?

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  • Migrating from BigCommerce. Any Tips?

    I am moving things over from Bigcommerce. Got the site pretty much setup. About to move customers/orders/products using Cart 2 Cart. Not 100% sold on their service with some demo glitches and limitations. Because I have variables such as size/color, a migration service will be easier for me vs a spreadsheet.

    But any input on doing this smoothly? Any bumps in the road I need to worry about?


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    I have not had experience moving my site over, but I do like 3D Cart. Welcome to the Forums, we do have a great group of people here.

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      Its going to be a big screw up no matter what. I used 3dcart for our migration. the cart 2 cart people kept promising me things and then changing stories on what they could do.

      We personally lost all our options when we migrated many of our product descriptions have been hacked up from the move as well. We are constantly finding descriptions that were screwed up and fixing them.

      My biggest suggestion is give your self plenty of time to move and to proof every thing. make sure you have 301 redirects for every link on your site. We were told that was part of the move and then after we were moved they said nope thats on you.

      how many products do you have? doing a CSV to CSV file move may not be that bad if you have pretty simple categories.

      I am pretty sure I remember you from the Bigcomerce forums

      I would give 3dcart a call about it, it was about the same price that cart2cart was quoting us. I think they may have a little better understanding about the migration now that they have done at least one large store with us. I would hold their hands every step though and keep the pressure on them. You dont want to have things that happened to us happen. but Jimmy and Gonzalo do go out of their way to make sure you will be taken care of if things go bad.


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        I asked 3dcart about migration. They suggested cart 2 cart! Odd.
        I have only 400 products to move, but there are about 75 different size/color options in BC to move over. That to me is the pain.


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          With 400 products and 75 options, I would suggest you tackle it yourself. You will learn so much. If you have others do it, you will spend more time fixing it than if you did it yourself.
          Start with a couple of items, and then do the whole bunch in one shot.
          Importing items in 3dcart is very easy.
          With the options it is a trickier multi step process, but it is not that hard.


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            I used cart 2 cart when I moved here from Volusion, same experience, they were not able to do everything they said they could. Old orders comes to mind right away, and I remember a lot of issues with product imports too. Over all I would not use them again.


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              I would really suggest doing it yourself then. I have a feeling 3dcart really just used cart2cart and washed their hands of my migration and thats why things were left broken and they did not want to help fix them after the fact. I think they had good intentions by offering, but It may have been too much work for to little staff. I just now had to fix 3 product descriptions that were completely ruined by the migration. I know there are at least a few hundred more that are mangled.

              I did my second site completely myself with just CSV files It was actually really simple. All you really need are the essentials and most of those can be filled in by bulk tools in excel like fill down and up features. for an example of how easy something was to do I argued with 3 different people at 3dcart about getting the pricing the same as we had it on big commerce.

              Retail and Your price and our cost. This took me an entire week of sending in freaking screen caps of MS paint drawling with arrows pointing out how the Big commerce csv column would be copied to a specific 3dcart column. They could not grasp this. I ended up just doing it all my self because they did not get it. When I finally emailed them over my completed file they were like OHHHH thats what you meant....

              The hardest part for us was figuring out the 7K categories this is why I paid them, I got lucky that they did such a piss poor job that I didnt have to pay the entire amount of the migration. They did call a few months later and ask why I had not paid, I explained to them my entire ordeal and the billing lady was like oooh yeah I will take care of this for you.

              I mean I have to give them credit their support normally does a very very good job of helping me through issues that they understand. But there is a lot of things that have been done with our site that noone esle really knew about so only one person understood it and they were removed from our project so its like we have been playing hide and seek with issues as they come up.


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                Cart 2 cart had had 3 failed attempts at moving my data over. Each time I need to bring it up to them to ask what is going on.


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                  I just did the same and started over from scratch, I figured I would rather do that than try and fix problems.