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    Is there a setting for displaying a list of options at the top of the options like there was in the "old" release? We have 5 options - it is easy to duplicate without having that summary at the top. Please someone say "yes".

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    Can you be more specific, please? Where are you in the software? What are you seeing?
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      Thank you for your note. This is a list of option categories that was displayed above the options. This is in the product options section. We have multiple options and it would be easy to overlook adding one to a product. (Example, color, size, type, length, design, etc.). The list of categories allowed us to see if all was added. This was in the previous version. I don't care if there are any "features" with it. Previously, this is where you could select "required" or delete an option category (such as color). I heard from 3dcart and they said it cannot be done because Options were changed.

      Most likely when others are switched over to the new version, there will be customers who will be very upset. Maybe they will ask for it to be fixed. My ticket is closed.
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        Hmm I'm not familiar with what you're describing, though it's entirely possible I had just overlooked it. Do option templates not work well for your application?
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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          They work just fine. The former setup was better for me because some products have a lot of options. By placing them in an option category list At the top of the options page i can see that all category options are added. For example if you have 6 sizes, 18 colors, 7 heights, 10 lengths, and 9 decorative accents, the list of options ln admin is very long. If there were a summary at the top that said
          Options offered

          I'd know at a glance if something lke the color options were not added. However, that was the old way. Can't be changed back. I'll just need to deal with it.