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Amazon Integration Issue - Do you have this problem?

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  • Amazon Integration Issue - Do you have this problem?

    I cannot figure this one one.
    I integration my amazon sales to import into 3DC. No problem.
    But 3DC sends me an email every time it checks my amazon store for emails...which is 50 emails a day!
    3DC support tells me to disables the 4 scripts for this and the emails will stop.

    Well they did, as well as the orders. my amazon order no longer import to 3DC.

    Them 3DC tells me this is how it is.

    What am I missing? How do I import my Amazon sales into 3DC without getting ( no joke ) 50+ emails a day.


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    Try going to Settings --> General --> Store Settings --> scroll to the very bottom and look for a heading called "Advanced Settings" --> click on the "Manage Scheduled Scripts" link --> find the one that looks like it's your Amazon script/job --> click Edit --> remove your email address and/or uncheck the "Send Email" checkbox --> Save