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Missed $300 Order Because Of Shipping Problem

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  • Missed $300 Order Because Of Shipping Problem

    I got an abandoned cart email this morning for qty 3 of my product SEEDPEANUTPO 50 Lb. Rejected Peanuts No Shell, price $92.01. This product has a weight of 50.40 lbs. and dimensions of 9.00 in x 18.00 in x 32.00 in. My customer was not able to get a shipping quote on this order. When I tested it, I could order a quantity of 1, but when I tried to order 3, I got this message:
    Shipping Method
    There is no shipping option for the address you entered. Please go back and check the address.

    I have tried it with One Box checked, then with Mult. Boxes checked. I set the Boxes Settings to Weight 55 lb, Length 34 in, Width 20 in and Height 10 in. I have tried it with Ships by itself checked and unchecked. Nothing works.

    Is there something else I can do or is this a shipping problem I should submit to Support? I'd really love to be able to convert this cart.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Usually, that means that you don't have a shipping option with a weight range that covers the combined weight of all three boxes. We've ran into that before when people try to order multiples.

    I know FedEx and UPS have a package weight limit of, I believe, 150 pounds, but you can still increase the weight range for your shipping methods since you will be shipping three boxes. If you don't sell anything where one item will go over the per package weight limit that should be a safe option.


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      I have been getting this error message whenever I try to duplicate an order from the dashboard. The address is already entered (from previous order) and I ship small items using USPS. I don't think it has anything to do with the weight or number of items. I submitted a ticket this morning,


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        Just tried it myself. It looks like orders are not breaking into boxes where I've set. Off to submit a ticket :(


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          ProRetail, I had the weight ranges set to 150 lb. I changed it to 250 and it worked. Thanks, and a Tip of the Hatlo hat to you! :)


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            This exact issue bit us a few times too! We usually leave a shipping option with a huge weight limit like up-to 500lbs, and then another which kicks in after that (501lbs-99999lbs) and is a Custom Shipping Method type which says something to the effect that we'll call the customer to work out shipping (usually freight or something special anyway).