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Need help assigning images to products.

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  • Need help assigning images to products.

    I'm using Version 7.

    I've uploaded thousands of images to my image library using Images > Upload Files. What I want to do is assign images in bulk to products (like 10 images for one product). When I'm in Products > Edit Product > Images tab I see the option to "Use images you already uploaded". The problem is it only allows me to assign one image at a time. Is there any way around this? I know I can choose the "Drop files to upload" option and it will do them in bulk, but I've already uploaded them all and they are in my library. It seems odd that you can't select multiple images?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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    You need to use a CSV upload to do this:

    Assuming you use only 2 images - the larger main image and the smaller thumbnail - your 3 columns would be:

    id, image1, thumbnail
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      Thanks, Dean. That's a bit disappointing. It seems like such a simple thing for 3dcart to add (select/add multiple images).


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        OCSpeaker using the CSV upload method is actually the best way to do this for thousands of images. It will take far less time then doing each product 1 by 1. It is a good idea to get familiar with CSV files and excel when maintaining your store!


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          Hi OCSpeaker,

          I am bumping your post from 2015 to say that it seems the way to assign multiple images is now to use the Drag and Drop feature. In the case where the images are already uploaded, I still can't find a way to select multiple images.

          In my case, I had uploaded only six images, so I Dragged and Drop those same six images from my hard drive, and it worked. BUT... it drops them into the main folder. I cannot find a way to direct them to drop into the folder I created for those images.

          Maybe it's unavoidable to have a zillion images all in one main folder, but I really prefer to keep them separated. I have a drop-shipping type of site, so I like to keep them organized by Supplier.

          Any ideas about how to drop them into a preferred folder? A big pain-in-the-neck issue is that if you move images after you've placed them, the link is broken and you'd have to go and re-attach them again. Maybe I'm just not doing it right?

          Thanks to whomever reads this!

          UPDATE: A little workaround is that once the images are uploaded to the product using "Drag and Drop," you can move them to the folder you want them in. The image will then be missing from your Product page, but then back in the Product Images you can place the new path in the File field. I type the path into the first one and then copied and pasted it into each of the others.

          ... Connie
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