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Create a video gallery using product page?

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  • Create a video gallery using product page?

    Fellow 3DCart people,

    We do product review videos, and are ramping up on them this year. We want to create a gallery of them on our site, and I know there are plug-ins for this.

    Instead, I wonder if it is possible to create this using the 3dcart product and category structure. Basically, I want to make an alternate product page template, strip out the options, add to cart, etc, and leave JUST the video, review lonks / rating, and description. This would create a searchable page for each video, within the 3dcart structure. It would also allow bulk csv uploading and utilize the built-in dynamic category menu structure. Would this work, or not work for any reason? Can you modify the listing template to that degree?



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      Yes, you can create a page template for just about anything. The 3DCart Design Docs should help.
      But uh.... that's not exactly a video gallery. Do you intend on using a Category page as the video gallery?
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        You may as well do it in a content page.

        You say gallery - do you mean to have more than one video on a page?
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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          TMS Clint and DeanP, you are correct, I did not phrase it properly. I plan to use a category page as the gallery, and the listing page for the video itself.

          Using these instead of content pages makes setting up the nav dynamic. Create 1 category (videos) and subcategories for different types. Also allows CSV uploading, easy redirects, sorting reviews, etc.

          Any technical reason not to?



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            Sure, that's another use for that system. I have used it in a couple applications to list off partners or distributors.
            - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting