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Free shippping with flat fee for AK,HI and Canada

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  • Free shippping with flat fee for AK,HI and Canada

    I have read every article and tried every possible combination I can think of to set up my cart with Free Shipping contiguous 48 States but with an added flat rate shipping cost of say $21.99 for AK, HI and Canada. We only ship U.S. and Canada.

    Most of our products ship in larger (many in over sized) cartons and that is why I need to add the additional shipping costs for AK, HI and Canada.

    Does anyone have the setup formula for this? or is it not possible?

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    I had to do custom shipping methods and exclude all states except AK and HI and then a different custom shipping method for Canada, and exclude everything but Canada. It was a pain, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. I've had numerous tickets open about the shipping calculation problems I experience and it was support that suggested the custom methods. Sometimes I lose a little, sometimes I have to refund a little. There's really no rhyme or reason about it that I can figure out and was told to go to user voice and ask for the different flat rate shipping methods and the ability to put in custom box sizes with fractional dimensions...doesn't seem it should be something that has to be voted on. It's an ecommerce site and accurate shipping calculations shouldn't be a perk, IMHO


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      Jim Did you Try Custom method (By Zip Code) to add the cost? Exclude all states except hawaii and alaska. Then start adding the zip codes and the rate for each. I don't believe that 3dcart has added the zip code range option which would be immensely helpful.... But.... If this is the only option to do to get the result you need?... It will be a lot of work, although adding the the zips may be easier than taking days to finding a workaround to add the range.

      Here are the zip lists:
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