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    I suppose I've gotten some of the better support techs, but my experience with them has been very positive. A couple of days ago I was trying to get my missing footer trust badge images to display. Rick H. from Support was very helpful and quickly got me on the right track. I soon had my images displaying as they should. Even when it didn't work the first time (my fault), he kept at it until it was perfect. Kudos, Rick! (name used with permission)

    3dcart Support has taken a lot of bashing lately, and I'm sure some of it is deserved, especially with new techs who haven't been fully trained yet. It's been my experience that they are trying, and getting better all the time. I can't help but compare them with support at my last platform, where the techs were largely untrained, unhelpful, didn't speak English for the most part, and didn't seem to care.

    Just my 2ยข worth.
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    they just have to stop using "fogged mirror" interviews


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      I am very glad you had a good experience with Tech support. My latest experience was absolutely awful. I thought they were getting better for a while there, but this last week, not so much. They completely screwed up the SSL installation and then left us hanging for over 12 hours with a site that no one could check out on, and we could not fulfill orders, in the height of our busiest season. Needless to say, I am not a fan at the moment. Glad your experience was more positive.