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Print invoice button no longer working??

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  • Print invoice button no longer working??

    My guess is 3dcart changed something as our print button used to allow folks to print off the invoice right from the order confirmation page. I know customers can log into their accounts and print off invoices, but some customers simply don't like to set up an account. And we do not force them to.

    Not sure why this is not automatically done in the coding by 3dcart? Anyways, with some issues we've experienced with the latest version (ie not being able to use credit cards using the phone order tab for 2 weeks) until 3dcart fixed it on their end. I've started checking various things on our website.

    I just noticed that the print icon button is no longer allowing folks to click on it to print out their invoice. If someone could take a look at the coding and let me know< I would really appreciate it! I'll also attach a .jpg which shows the checkout button on the order confirmation page. I do not like how things work and sometimes when updates happen, codes no longer work??

    I have the coding below on the ../assets/templates/default/checkout-step4.html page

    The coding is this:

    <a name="printThankYou" href="javascript:pri.print()">
    <img src="assets/images/print-icon.jpg" alt="Print Order" />

    Does anyone know how I can tweak this coding so when someone clicks on the print button on the order confirmation page, it will allow them to print out their invoice!!

    Thanks a ton!!!
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    Sorry to revive such an old thread, but has anyone had this same issue? If so, is there a resolution?

    We just upgraded to one of the new themes and we are having this same issue. Our old checkout-step4 template didn't have this feature, so I'm not sure if it was ever functional, but if not, it would be pretty strange for them to have left this code in the template.

    When I click the button, it pops up a blank modal window. I can literally cut/paste the code for the invoice directly from the modal window code into a set of DIV tags in the body of the template and get it to display, so I'm not sure why the window doesn't show this same info.


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      did you get your working yet?? Our customers print out their order directly from the order confirmation page now - they simply have to click on the underscored text and a popup window appears which they can then print off their invoice.
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