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New categories created from products - not our action

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  • New categories created from products - not our action

    Todday we had two main categories that were actually products. Exampe: blue plaid shirt became a main category even though it should have been under the shirts category. Last night it was not there. How does this happen?

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    Davef -- When you look at that category's details down at the bottom it should give last time updated and by whom -- what does it say?
    Joe Arbogast


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      it's elves or gnomes because it certainly can't be V7


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        Have you done any CSV imports recently?
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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          for the past 5 years a category will "drift" - fall off the main tree or move up to the main tree once in a while - your only option is to argue with support because "if they can't reproduce the problem - they can't fix the problem" - I would move on


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            No csv imports. Birdsafe - it's too late to look. I fixed them as fast as I could. But, will look next time. Windycityparrot - I agree with you. I heard off-site from another retailer. Apparently, it's happened to them as well - more than once. It just spooks me because it has happened before and I can't check the store hourly. OK, I guess I should. But, I really like my sleep.