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Could it be that simple to get more sales....

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  • Could it be that simple to get more sales....

    I currently offer free shipping on orders of $25+.
    My average order amount is $33.
    By increasing my free shipping threshold to $35 or $40, am I losing sales or potentially upping my average order amount?

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    I would try it out (but wait until after the christmas season).

    We recently upped our threshold for free shipping from $0 to $75. Granted that's only on specific products and we changed software. We've seen a couple fewer orders, but more profit as people are still ordering but not to the threshold amount and thus paying for shipping. We're still playing around with what can be offered for free ship and what that threshold should be.


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      We do a Free Shipping threshold, and a $6.95 Flat Rate below that. People love the flat rate and very few people balk at it. We raised our free shipping from $55, to $65, then to $69, and the flat rate from $5.95 to $6.95. Each time we worried about it, and it was always a none event.

      <rant>Personally I am against free shipping on small orders as a matter of principle. It is such a waste of resources to encourage customers to buy little bits at a time and then return them just because both shipping and returns are free. </rant>


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        I hate free shipping, and don't find it makes a difference except for the extremely cheap customers I don't want. That said, I wish 3dcart would show the free shipping as an additional discount to cover the shipping charge instead of a zero to the shipping charge. This way our back end can allocate the discount to the products ordered in the event of a return.


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          I have roughly 400 product items and would like to set it up for free shipping on orders exceeding $100 as long as standard ground (USPS, UPS or FEDEX) can be used. Only available in the contiguous 48 states. Any product that would go LTL or truck load (roughly 20% of products) would have to pay shipping and of course if the $100 threshold is not met, shipping charges would apply. How do I go about setting that up? Thanks in advance.
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