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3dcart - please fix content area so we can enlarge area when we are adding content!

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  • 3dcart - please fix content area so we can enlarge area when we are adding content!

    OK - trying to add content this morning and have finally gone crazy!! I'll attach a few pictures of what I mean. In the new admin when you are on a content page and trying to work with adding content what happens now is this. You can view the html coding of the page and drag it larger if you wish (see lower part of .jpg which will show you the drag button. This is the way it should be.

    Now say I want to add an image or simply use WYSIWYG - it is completely useless! There is simply no drag button which there needs to be and the number of lines is maybe 5-6 or so - have no idea since it is useless. Trying to update pages is insane now!!

    I'm not going back to the old admin - actually just gave me the ability to do so yesterday? Have no idea why it took so long, really don't care. Using this admin now but this has got to change. The drag button has got to be on the WYSIWYG area as well!

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    This is the drag button which shows on html content page but NEEDS to also be on WYSIWYG content pages!


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      This is one of the reasons I've added no new content, it's a PITA to add products and it shouldn't be like that. We have to add product to grow and if we can't....enough said


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        We have been dealing with it, but are not pleased with it.

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          We shouldn't have to "deal" with it, IMHO, something as integral as that to adding products, etc. should've been fixed before roll out. This was beta tested, they got feedback, I'm sure whom ever was beta testing must've said something about it. Stupid little things like this can make or break your motivation daily


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            Same thing happens when you go to a category and try to turn on WYSIWYG - you can then no longer make the typing area larger - I am finding it hard to believe they rolled out this new release with this basic miscue?


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              Folks, click the "Full Screen" button in the far upper left of the WYSIWYG editor. It looks like a square within a square.
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