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    Is there a way to set the system to automatically take products off the site when the inventory gets to a certain number? I know there's a way to be emailed when inventory gets to a certain number, but is there any way to have more of an automated process?

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    You can set it up so that when a product goes out of stock the store shows status as out of stock. Not sure if you can actually have the products be hidden when stock reaches zero.


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      Yes you can hide out of stock products. It is in the General Store Settiings under Inventory options. You have 4 options - Hide Items, Show as Out of Stock, Allow Back Order, Use Waiting List.

      However - if you select this option - as I have - then you can not use any of the other options for an individual product - even though under the advanced product tag it looks like you can.

      I've been working with support on this and it can't be done with how they currently have the system designed.

      I need to have part of my inventory never show if it's out of stock and a few items I wish to have as wait list. To do this I would have to default my intire inventory to say out of stock, then individually hide products that go out of stock, and then set the indivual items that I want to WAITING LIST at the product level.

      More info than you need. You can hide items - but probably only when they reach zero and it must be at a store item.

      Of course you can hide them 'manually' by using the hide button at the product main screen.

      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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        If you want to hide them when they reach say 2 in stock, you could simply enter your stock as 2 less than you actually have. Then when you have 2 left in stock the system would be showing 0.

        Of course this would only be easy to manage if all of your products were handled the same or it was only 1 or 2 products you did this with.