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How can I get my images to appear SQUARE in a category page?

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  • How can I get my images to appear SQUARE in a category page?

    I really need some help on this one.. please.

    Please check out
    If you look at my products at 3 across, you can see the width allowed by the code for the images is less than the space provided. As such, the text expands beyond the width of the image. The problem is it looks odd. I would like the width of the image to actually increase not only to match the width given for the text, but to make the image bigger.

    3DC Says it needs to be custom coded. My coder says it is being controlled by something she does not have access to from 3DC.

    What are my options?

    If I set it to 4 across in the 3DC settings, it looks great, just too small.

    Thank you

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    This is perfectly within your coder's control.. not sure what her thoughts were on that.

    - remove max width declaration (remove entire css block if its not necessary.. but start with comments till you know it wont have adverse effects)

    - remove max width here also
    - remove position absolute and the top/left/right/bottom
    - remove margin auto as you dont need it to self center anymore
    - add width: 100%;
    - add height: auto. it will keep ratio to whatever the width ends up at and push your frame down so it "grows"

    thats it.

    the uploaded image is borked. sorry - try this link:
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      Awesome, thank you!