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  • Top Navigation Bar has Disappeared

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the group and 3D Cart. Yesterday I tried to do a CSV import of my Categories which did not go well. Everything duplicated, which I have now deleted, but my top navigation bar has disappeared. The categories are still there as you can see when I access them from the Admin panel. Any idea why and how to get them back? I'm using a free template, Smoothbeats. Thanks in Advance. Marlene
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    It could be this .... Try to go to the Title & Content Page and scroll down to Home Page and click the edit and perhaps it needs to be uncheck marked for the Top Nav Menu to appear ... some of the newer templates will hide those so you have to go into certain content pages and uncheck mark things that got hidden. If its not that, then I do not know myself.
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      Thanks Jan. I tried that but it was already unchecked. Not sure what's happening but I'm going to call.


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        If you deleted all and just not the duplicates you will not show anything because no categories exist. If you still have categories in your admin panel,

        1. go to products--> categories: make sure they are not checked as "Hidden"
        2. go to settings--> store settings: click "Product Display Tab" make sure that "Hide Categories" is not checked.
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          Thanks Thecartdesigner - I double checked all those and they are fine. I called the help desk and it's been escalated! Appreciate your suggestions. Marlene