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  • Abandoned Carts Module

    Wondered how other folks handle this issue -- a customer opens a cart on one PC or in a browser, never completes -- later completes an order using another PC/browser or for whatever reason has another "session" -- they then the next day get a notice that their order never completed -- they are either confused, irritated, or place a duplicate order.
    Joe Arbogast

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    I had a terrible experience with Abandoned Cart. Turned it off. Am hoping the new one will be better.


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      We just add a Note:
      "Please disregard this e-mail if you have finished your order"

      Best we can do. We get lots of orders and good feedback from the Abandoned cart e-mails, so turning them off is not an option.


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        Good suggestion. I'm going to use it. When I used the module, it sent the email to too many (potential) customers, instead of not completed orders over 1 hour ago. How did you get around this?

        Tech support response on 12/8/15: "Once the module is enabled it will email ALL not completed orders as long as the customer's email address was entered. The settings specify the number of hours that need to pass (with no activity), before a not completed order notification is sent." That implies that the email will be repeated as long the not completed order remains.
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          I set my notifications to 24 hours. It is also my understanding that each email address is only receiving ONE email.
          Joe Arbogast


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            It seems to be working very well. I found lots of thoughts on when to send email. I guess it depends upon the product. When I shop and there are problems, I tend to go somewhere else very quickly and place the order there. I'm going to try to attach a screen capture that I think you all will enjoy.
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              Davef We set ours to Six hours. At one point my "research" indicated that was a good waiting period. Would be nice to have multi e-mails with more advanced controls. There are Apps that do that, but I don't want to pay for and manage one more third party.


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                I love the module as it definitely helps with completions.

                However, I had to add this statement to the email. It didn't completely stop the questions from customers who had completed their orders but the confused inquiries are rare.

                I put this in the "About your Order" emails.

                Please be aware that if you started an order on one computer (for example at work) and completed the order on a second computer (for example at home), you may have received this email because the system is referring to the other order cart you started. Also, in some areas the Internet Service Provider for your internet connection may change your IP address every time you connect and this can also result in multiple carts and these emails.